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tailored solutions for business and leisure travel

Welcome to Max Travel, your one-stop travel agent.

We can arrange every kind of travel product for you. Here are a few elements that make up a part of your journey:

travel insurance
foreign exchange
airport transfers and parking
airline tickets
train tickets
ferry tickets
cruise packages
hotel reservations
holiday chalet & villas bookings
car rentals & taxis and more

Browse our website for either specific types of travel, for example a private trip to Paris or a business flight to Istanbul or a group booking to Barcelona. You will also see special packages that we and our partners have organised for you, such as wonderful visits to Egypt etc...

Check our new and growing google-map!

Thanks for looking and do call or email us now at no risk with your enquiries. We will respond quickly!

Max Travel's special holidays. We have our own packages and tours to fantastic places:

saint valentine's weekend packages
guided tours to india, Golden Triangle, Kerala, Rajasthan & the Tiger Trail
safari tours to Tanzania, Northern, Southern Tours + Day-Trips
4* Spa Packages in the Grand Hotel Castrocaro in Italy
guided tours to ancient egypt
guided tours to jordan
guided tours to macedonia
sailing tour to the turkish blue coast
guided tours to Saint Petersburg
Orbis Travel Holiday Packages & City Breaks Worldwide

Accommodation Information: Max Travel has a wide portfolio of hotels which we can book for you now.

Corporate Travel Agent Services: Max Travel welcomes corporate clients. Please check our services now.

Group & Leisure Travel Agent Services: Max Travel welcomes individuals, families and groups. Please check our services.

Max Travel can organise every aspect of your journey. In case you fancy an online facility, we offer Travel Insurance, Car Rental & Travel Visas, If it's not online, please contact us now especially for complex itineraries or special requirements.

Max Travel Ltd has absolutely nothing to do with anyone who pretends to be our agency and/or who offers you travel documents and visas for a fee as a result of a job offer. We decline all responsibility as to any losses you may incur if you send these crooks your money. Please refer to our "about Max Travel" page or to our blog.